About Gallant Investment Partners

Since 2001, Gallant has developed a broad and well-rounded portfolio that includes international real estate, private equity and venture capital investments.

We invest in the power of 

Human Capital.

At the heart of our investment philosophy is a steadfast belief in the power of human capital. We actively seek out and invest in the most innovative and transformative founders, teams, companies and ideas that enable humanity to thrive and reach its highest aspirations.

We are driven to connect with like-minded strong partners and add true value to the entrepreneurs that we work with.

Gallant: Our Approach

We're not just the money - we're true partners in your success right from the start. Here's how and why.
Founder-friendly capital & connections.

We make early bets and believe in long-term, patient capital.

We aim to provide flexibility so you can meet any business needs or challenges head on.

Early & long term skin in the game.

We're more than just a source of capital. We understand the unique challenges that come with growth and tackling new opportunities. That's why we offer more than simply financial support.

Our founders get access to our network of industry experts, advisors, and other valuable connections.

Real advisory. Real face time.

When it comes to our investments, we're not a faceless entity - we're true partners in your success.

With our deep experience and expertise, we provide timely and active feedback to the partners and management teams we work with. Our decision making process is built to allow you to quickly react and capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace.

Our Story

With over 20 years of investing behind us, at Gallant Investment Partners we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong track record of impactful investments in real estate, private equity and venture capital. Our portfolio interests span across North America, Continental Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.

We invest across the entire capital structure in a range of industries that include real estate development, technology and engineering, retail and education. Our current investments include offshore recovery operation vehicles, stock analysis software, luxury automotive dealerships, software to assess and certify software developers, video slot gaming software, and more.

We seek development opportunities and partnerships with skilled partners who produce exceptional results. Our team is versatile and open to various development types. We offer diverse expertise in acquisitions, development, and financing.

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Peel back the onion and you’ll find a common thread — we back interesting opportunities with

truly incredible

teams and people.