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Investing in the Future of Underwater Technology for a More Sustainable Energy Industry

Gallant has been an investor in Utility ROV Services (URS) since 2013, demonstrating a decade-long commitment to the future of a sustainable Energy industry through innovative subsea technology.

Led by its founder, Patrick Crawford, Utility ROV Services has developed an industry-leading, heavy lift Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), called the UTROV, and an interchangeable tooling system capable of performing multiple tasks offshore from the one platform. This combination lends itself in the established and emerging sectors of offshore renewables, interconnectors, oil & gas, and decommissioning.

A Founder's Early Passions and an Unwavering, Long-Term Vision

Patrick's early exposure to unlocking the ocean's mysteries began during his formative years working for his family's marine salvage business, fostering a deep fascination with equipment development. Since his university days, Patrick's life, studies, and research have consistently centered around marine robotics and underwater exploration, laying a robust foundation for his esteemed expertise in the field.

In 2013, Patrick established Utility ROV Services to fully capitalize on a specialist ROV and tooling spread that had previously been developed for salvage operations. He recognized the significant shift and growth in the demand for underwater ROV technology due to the emergence of new industries facilitated by technological advancements, such as offshore renewables and oil & gas decommissioning.

Utility ROV Services’ exemplary record of operational excellence can be attributed to Patrick's unique salvage industry background, where failure was not an option due to a principle in maritime law that states that if a salvager is unable to salvage any material, they receive no compensation. Consequently, quality and risk mitigation have remained core tenets of Utility ROV Services’ approach.

"Salvage operations were performed on a 'no cure – no pay' basis; therefore, failure was not an option... our equipment had to be robust and reliable, with minimal maintenance downtime. Cutting corners and using cheap components is a false economy; in the end, you always pay for it. These learnings underpin everything we do at Utility ROV Services, and we strive to provide our clients with the best-suited, highest quality equipment." - Patrick Crawford

Another key factor in Utility ROV Services’ success has been its continuous innovation in tooling (e.g, mattress recovery, pipe cutting and removal and debris removal), coupled with a forward-thinking approach to developing and enhancing subsea operations to meet industry demands not just in the present, but also in the decades to come.

Gallant's Unique Perspective and Support

Gallant recognized Patrick's distinct voice, industry vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and ability to lead a diverse interdisciplinary team toward a visionary goal early on.

With a profound understanding of Patrick's unique experience and passion, Gallant has worked closely with Utility ROV Services to structure long-term investments that look to fulfill Utility ROV Services' ultimate goal of being an innovative top competitor in the subsea market since day one.

Gallant's patient capital and long-term investment provided Utility ROV Services with the flexibility to spend its initial five years experimenting and discovering optimal ways to develop its technology, data collection methods, and tooling parameters to tackle the most complex subsea challenges in newer industry applications, such as offshore windfarm construction and oil & gas decommissioning.

Utility ROV Services’ ability to prioritize development without compromise has contributed to numerous innovations found in the latest iteration of the UTROV, a heavy lift ROV that surpasses its competitors, both traditional and current methodologies, in terms of efficiency and productivity when it comes to subsea operations. 

Forging the Path Forward, Together.

Utility ROV Services continues to secure numerous contracts, garner accolades, and receive awards, with Gallant remaining a valued partner in this remarkable journey.

Over the past decade, Utility ROV Services has firmly established itself as a global leader in heavy lift ROV operations, with Patrick Crawford spearheading the charge towards a brighter, more sustainable future for the energy industries.

Utility ROV Services remains committed to developing innovative ways to ensure efficiency and productivity gains are a priority in subsea operations, and thus, creating a more sustainable outlook in the energy industry. This is facilitated by continuous advancements that solidify its position as one of the world's premier contractors with cutting-edge technology, industry leading methodology and world class project delivery. 

By pushing the boundaries of innovation, Utility ROV Services continues to pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in subsea operations, all while setting new benchmarks for excellence within the industry.

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